IndyCar Racing

IndyCar Racing

What is IndyCar racing? The IndyCar Series is the category of single-seaters most famous of the United States, which arose

IndyCar Drivers

IndyCar Drivers

The safety of the driver has always been of enormous importance. Still, many drivers have experienced severe injuries, especially at

PT to Join Kodak EasyShare Team for Rolex 24 at Daytona

FORT WORTH, Dec. 8 – After inviting 2003 Champ Car World Series champion Paul Tracy to participate in a tire


The coveted Vanderbilt Cup

The coveted Vanderbilt Cup.


PT Day Ends Early on Lap 63

Denver, CO. – After leading almost all laps of the race to that point, Paul tagged a wall and put


Paul Tracy

PT and Team P48 at Rolex 24 PT and fellow drivers Jon Bennett, Colin Braun and Dr. Jim Lowe finished

PT 2

Forsythe Championship Racing Confirms PT and Mario Dominguez for 2006

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – February 20, 2006 – With one driver from Canada, one from Mexico and with a crew based



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PT Daytona

PT to Debut at Daytona

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