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Welcome to Paul Tracy, Paul Tracy IndyCar official page. As we all know Paul Tracy IndyCar is a premium open wheel speed car racing exclusively to America. You will be amazed to hear a fun fact about Paul Tracy IndyCar. It is a tradition to drink milk before starting the race. Do you know why? Because of the legendary driver Louis Meyer who twice won the IndyCar 500 in 1936, used to drink buttermilk after every race. His practice became today’s tradition. However the IndyCar results today do not depend on the drinking milk. Paul Tracy IndyCar is a race of endurance, patience, and confidence. Continue reading our blog, and you will also find excellent guides on sports betting. We will show you the best places where to wager your money and win big. If you are looking to start right away, click over here to receive a casino bonus and bet on the best French casino site.

Paul Tracy CarMost Popular IndyCar Events This YearPaul Tracy

Indycar is an annual event that attracts thousands of viewers every year. Below are listed the most anticipated IndyCar events of 2019 in news today :

  1. Honda Indy Toronto on July 14
  2. Iowa 300 on July 20
  3. Honda Indy 200 on July 28
  4. ABC Supply 500 on August 18
  5. Bommarito Automotive Group 500 on August 24
  6. Grand Prix of Portland on September 1
  7. Firestone Grand Prix of Monterey on September 22

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Best Drivers Of All-Time

  1. AJ Foyt: his name will be framed in gold in the IndyCar history because of his 67 victories in the career span of 37 years.
  2. Mario Andretti: another legend who takes the credit for 57 victories in a career span of 31 years.
  3. Paul Tracy: nicknamed as the thrill from West Hill, Tracy Paul is one of the most renowned faces in the world of professional auto racing, also known for the Tracy horn, the chrome horn.
  4. Scott Dixon: he is totally deserving of the position as he has won 47 times in his 17 years career.
  5. Al Unser Sr.: this enigmatic driver has 39 victories to his credit in a career of 29 years with 10 back to back victories in a single season in 1970.

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What Is The Difference Between F1 And Indycar?

There are several differences between IndyCar and f1.

  1. The parts of the IndyCar are assembled as they are produced by the outsider suppliers. However, the f1 car is designed and manufactured by the sponsoring team in their own factory.
  2. The expenditure of f1 is hundreds of millions whereas that of IndyCar is only tens of millions
  3. Indycars run on predetermined oval tracks, f1 does not run on anything like that
  4. The tickets for f1 are way higher than that of IndyCar, hence the audience of both are quite different from each other
  5. Indycar is more about the drivers whereas f1 is more about the brands. The audience of IndyCar will never cheer for the owner but one can see the audience of f1 cheering for Mercedes or Ferrari or Renault or Honda.

PT Down


Surfers Paradise – October 20, 2007 – Starting from the second row, an incident in the first turn sent PT towards the back of the field and then onto a different pit strategy. Paul ran up towards the front for a large part of the race but pit stops eventually cycled through and PT found himself low on fuel.



INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – May 29th, 2007 – PT got back behind the wheel of his #3 INDECK Cosworth/Bridgestone/DP01 last week for the first time since suffering an injury during practice for the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach in April.

Mexico City


MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Sunday, March 5, 2006 – Desite a very strong performance in todays race, one that saw PT running in the top 10 quite often, things went sour for him about 3/4 of the way through the race.

Guide for Indycar Betting Online

All You Need To Know Before Betting On IndyCar Among all form of automobile racings, IndyCar is the most unique

IndyCar Racing

What is IndyCar racing? The IndyCar Series is the category of single-seaters most famous of the United States, which arose

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In a fact that should not be considered “surprise,” IndyCar will not visit the renovated ISM Raceway facility next year.

IndyCar Drivers

The safety of the driver has always been of enormous importance. Still, many drivers have experienced severe injuries, especially at

PT Barely Misses Grid Spot at Indy

In what was a nail biting Bump Day at Indy, PT had secured a spot in the second to last

Paul Tracy P29

PT P29 ON POLE DAY AT INDY After a great drawing of the second starting spot for Pole Day at

Like a Caged Animal


Indy Assault